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Whether you are a telecom, cable, aerospace OE, system integrator, adaptor-connector manufacturers, VAR, or installer, the AFC 3000 FIBER OPTIC cleaning system is made for your use: in the factory or in the field.  
Our automated ferrule cleaning system ensures perfect installation performance every time!
Our AFC 3000 is battery-operated with a motor-driven 3 second timing device which ensures our pristinely clean thread runs across the pressure sensitive, rotating tip of our cartridges.
Our CFC 600 L, S, and LC cartridges work every time to create a complex and effective cleaning pattern across the end face of a ferrule.
Integrate our automated cleaning with ATE inspection.
Operator DependenceOnly 10 minutes of training required.
Male and Female Connector CleaningOur AFC 3000 does it all.
3 Second Cleaning CycleAefos 3 second automatic cleaning cycle is 10 times more efficient than the competitor's far –too- short cleaning cycle.
Clean Readability 99.5%Hundreds of our customer around the world use the AFC 3000 everyday.
Tips AvailabilityCustom tips available.
Before Cleaning Cycle
After Cleaning Cycle